2015 “Coming of Age through Weight Loss: The Fat Woman as Sexually Amature in Margaret Atwood’s Lady Oracle” in Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism (Ashegate, 2015)

Invited Talks

23/10/2015 Speaker on a roundtable discussing “Fat Sex” for the Critical Sexology event series founded by Professor Lisa Downing. Open University, Camden, London.
25/09/2015 Plenary speaker at the 23rd Italian Society for American Studies (AISNA) Biennial Conference held at University of Naples L’Orientale for a roundtable on the future of American Studies in Europe and the role of postgraduate forums

Conference and Roundtable Presentations

06/2015 “Imagining Disaster in Lionel Shriver’s ‘obesity bestseller’ Big Brother
 Money Talks: Inequality and North American Identity49th Parallel conference, University of Nottingham
04/2014 “A Queer Kind of Anarchy: The ‘Failed Citizen’ in Contemporary ‘Obesity’ Fiction,” BAAS annual conference, University of Birmingham
12/2013 Roundtable participant on the PG BAAS and IAAS ‘Homeward Bound’: Nation, Belonging and the American postgraduate roundtable, University of Nottingham. Topic: “The Home: An Exhausted and Exhaustive Metaphor?”
05/2013 “(In)Visible Fat Bodies: Privilege, ‘Passing’ and Abjection in Margaret Atwood’s Lady Oracle,Annual Roles: Gender and Sexuality conference, University of Birmingham
10/2013 “Fat, Queer, Immature: Re-reading Ignatius Reilly in A Confederacy of Dunces,” American Bodies, Annual RCAS North West conference, University of Liverpool
04/2013 “The Wendigo Cannibal and the ‘Myth’ of Diabetes in Native American groups,” Cannibals: Cannibalism, Consumption and Culture, Hic-Dragones conference, Manchester
03/2013 “The (In)Visible Fat Body in Margaret Atwood’s Lady Oracle,”, PCA/ACA conference, Washington D.C, USA.
06/2012 “(In)Visible Romance in Sarah Waters’s Affinity: Resisting the Heterosexual Plot,” Mythic, Magical & Monstrous Women in Contemporary Women’s Writing symposium, Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network (PG CWWN) conference, University of Leicester
06/2011 “The Apparitional Assistant in Sarah Waters’ Fingersmith,Gender on the Edge, University of Leeds


2013 Awarded postgraduate bursary by the Regional Centre for American Studies in the North West for paper delivered at the ‘American Bodies’ conference.
2013-2014 Awarded position on the competitive AHRC-funded Contemporary Women’s Writing Collaborative Skills Development Scheme. A scheme that involves six training events on the publication process, digital technologies, and teaching gender. Placement on this course includes full travel funding and accommodation costs.
2013 AHRC Doctoral Funding award (£35,000)
2013 Funded by the Foundation of Canadian Studies for International Washington conference trip (£750)
2013 Roles conference fundraising (£925). The committee secured £700 from the Graduate School, University of Birmingham and £100 sponsorship from The Journal for Women’s Writing, published by Routledge. A further £125 was secured from the School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music department, University of Birmingham.
2013 Homeward Bound conference fundraising (£1660). As the successful applicants for the Postgraduate BAAS and IAAS annual conference, the committee secured £500 from BAAS, £600 from IAAS, £500 from the department of  American and Canadian Studies at the University of Nottingham, and £60 from the Cambridge Journals.
2012 Doctoral Funding award from the Foundation of Canadian Studies and the University of Nottingham (£4200)


Editorial Assistant for the British Association for American Studies (BAAS) and editor of American Studies in Britain (ASIB) (04/2015 –Present)

In June 2015 I relaunched American Studies In Britain is as a blog on the BAAS website, accompanied by a quarterly email newsletter to members. American Studies in Britain aims to promote and circulate the research and activities of BAAS and its members in a dynamic and accessible online format.

Editorial Assistant for Educational Action Research. (01/2015 – 11/2015)

Educational Action Research is concerned with exploring the dialogue between research and practice in educational settings. The considerable increase in interest in action research in recent years has been accompanied by the development of a number of different approaches: for example, to promote reflective practice; professional development; empowerment; understanding of tacit professional knowledge; curriculum development; individual, institutional and community change; and development of democratic management and administration. Proponents of all these share the common aim of ending the dislocation of research from practice, an aim which links them with those involved in participatory research and action inquiry.

The impetus for Educational Action Research came from CARN, the Collaborative Action Research Network, and since its foundation in 1992, EAR has been important in extending and strengthening this international network.

Co-Editor of U.S. Studies Online. (03/2014 –Present)

U.S. Studies Online is the postgraduate and early career researcher network of the British Association for American Studies (BAAS). Since my appointment in this role by the BAAS executive committee U.S. Studies Online has been dramatically revitalised as an active blogspace that boasts of three original posts per week, an interactive and comprehensive events calendar (the first and only of its kind in American Studies) and an annual peer-reviewed journal publication.

Editor of
 49th Parallel: An interdisciplinary Journal of American and Canadian Studies. (03/2014 –07/2014)

49th Parallel is a cross-institutional journal edited by postgraduates in the University of Nottingham and University of Birmingham. 49th Parallel is a peer-reviewed, quarterly published online journal devoted to American and Canadian Studies. Since 1999, it has sought to transcend traditional boundaries and promote innovative and challenging academic work.        

Professional Positions

Publicity and Events Coordinator for the Department of American and Canadian Studies at the University of Nottingham. (01/2013 – 09/2014)

In January 2013 I founded the department social media accounts for twitter and facebook, and throughout the 2013-2014 academic year I worked in a team of academics in the department to boost attendance for our visiting speaker series. Overall I helped publicise and significantly improve attendance for over twenty academic talks and lead a seminar at the end of the year on “The Cultural Afterlife of ‘The Big Presidential Speech'”.

Positions in postgraduate roles and networks

Postgraduate Representative for the Department of American and Canadian Studies at the University of Nottingham. (2013-2014)

As postgraduate representation of the American and Canadian Studies department I represented the needs of the ACS cohort, attended meetings in their stead and liaised with administrative, professional and managerial staff throughout the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies.

Steering Group member of the Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network (PG CWWN). (2013)

The PG CWWN is the postgraduate contingent of the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association (CWWA). It is a free and thriving research community for all postgraduate students whose research is concerned with the work of contemporary women writers. The network hosts a wide variety of networking and training events for PGRs and ECRs working the field of contemporary women’s writing including the flagship biennial conference.

Member of Roles: An Interdisciplinary Gender and Sexuality Forum, University of Birmingham. (2013)

Roles is a postgraduate gender and sexuality research network hosted by researchers at the University of Birmingham, UK. This network takes the form of an open or round-table discussion in which postgraduate researchers from all disciplines share, discuss and debate gender and sexuality theoretical approaches and practical issues. The group seeks to provide a supportive and challenging forum for researchers to share and present their work, creating a dialogue amongst researchers with similar interests.


07-08/12/2013 Co-organiser of ‘Homeward Bound’: Nation, Belonging and the American Home, Annual postgraduate BAAS and IAAS conference, University of Nottingham 
10/05/2013 Co-organiser of Roles: Gender and Sexuality Conference, 3rd Annual postgraduate conference. I co-organised the Roles conference with postgraduates at the University of Birmingham.
15/06/2011 Co-organiser of the Literature and Theatre Postgraduate MA conference, University of Leeds

Homeward_Bound_Poster (1)roles poster


09/2013 – 01/2014 Teaching Assistant on the Canadian Literature, Film and Culture module. A first year core module in the department of American and Canadian Studies in the University of Nottingham.


Enrolled on the University of Nottingham Doctoral Professional Development Programme. The Programme involves the annual submission of a work in progress with a following hour-long question and answer session on the chapter submitted.
2013-2014 Other training courses provided by the Graduate School and the University of Nottingham

  • Speaking and writing as a critic
  • Arts funding application workshop (Doctoral applicants)
  • Careers in the museums and heritage sector
  • Careers in Project Management (SSAGC)
  • ‘Impact’ a training session by the ACS Impact Director Professor Zoe Trodd
2013-2014 CWWskills workshops:

  • ‘Publishing & Contemporary Women’s Writing,’ University of Southampton.
  • ‘Communicating More Effectively Within & Beyond the Classroom,’ Liverpool John Moores University.
  • ‘Careers & Employability,’ Leeds Metropolitan University
2013 Teaching training:Graduate School Teaching Assistant training sessions on:

  • Teaching Induction for Postgraduate Research
  • Students and Research Staff
  • Small Group Teaching
  • A Practical Look at Core Teaching Skills
  • Marking and Assessment

Department run Teaching Assistant training session.

2012 Arts Faculty Training Programme provided by the Graduate School in the University of Nottingham